Tuesday, January 6, 2009


So yesterday when the boys and I went into town for our run we found a little kitten. Yes, I am a softy when it comes to finding stray animals that are so furry and cute. ( note: Sue, I need you around to adopt another cat "ha") The boys loved playing with it but I noticed I did not get anything done because I was saying all day "KOl, don't pick the cat up by the tail, no the cat can not fly" "Kaleb, you can not pick the cat up by her neck". It is such a sweet cat but I think it may be sick. I have put up flyers around town but lets face it this cat was left to survive on her own. If no one claims the cat I think I will just make it an outside cat. We need an animal to chase those scary bugs away and keep those mice away from the house.

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