Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Flying back to the USA on Oct. 28th

Friday, February 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Jeremy (Feb. 5)


Kol started kindigarten this week (children start public school at 4 in Australia). They go to kindigarten at 4 and preschool at 5 "backwards from the US". On Monday we got Kol all dressed in his uniform and dad took some time off work to see Kol at his first day of school. We got to school and dad's snapping pics of Kol and we look like first time parents. Anyways, parents are looking at us kind of odd. To find out kindigarten kids do not start school until later in the week. Oops on mom. That was fun trying to explain to Kol that he did not have school that day. Kol did go to school yesterday. He shed some tears before I left "it was sad". However he had a great day. He sang "I'm a little tea pot" to dad and I and told me they have a thinking chair (time out chair "he seemed a litlle worried about that chair, ha)

Friday, January 30, 2009

Berry Picking "yum"

Found A Great Home For Kitty

You know how sometimes you just have that feeling to say something? Well I was at the pharmacy one day and I decided to ask if anyone wanted a kitten. A girl named Melony who worked for the Pharmist, said she wanted one. She came and picked up the kitten and fell in love with it right away.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009



So yesterday when the boys and I went into town for our run we found a little kitten. Yes, I am a softy when it comes to finding stray animals that are so furry and cute. ( note: Sue, I need you around to adopt another cat "ha") The boys loved playing with it but I noticed I did not get anything done because I was saying all day "KOl, don't pick the cat up by the tail, no the cat can not fly" "Kaleb, you can not pick the cat up by her neck". It is such a sweet cat but I think it may be sick. I have put up flyers around town but lets face it this cat was left to survive on her own. If no one claims the cat I think I will just make it an outside cat. We need an animal to chase those scary bugs away and keep those mice away from the house.

CAT "o dear"

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hi Everyone,
Just learning to do a blog but hope you enjoy. I plan to keep it up dated every couple of weeks

Viewing Tinglewood trees at National Park

Camping in Australia

Christmas Morning

Kaleb and dad playing with new dump trucks. Kol in the back ground playing with his new Woody doll ( note: Kaleb got Woody doll for Christmas but Kol seemed to already take over both Woddy and Buzz light year dolls)

Hamilton Island

Kol and Dustin snorkling at the Great Berrier Reef.

Kaleb & Kol swimming in their Rainbow pool. They both love the water

Kaleb riding his new bike
Kol feeding the Kangaroos at Wildlife Park in Western Australia